What is a Domain Name?

Domain Name

Behind every website domain name is a bunch of numbers. These numbers are the “address” where the web server for the web server you are visiting lives. The technical aspects of an IP address are complex, and out of the scope of this article.

So, when you visit say www.bbc.co.uk a lookup is made with a powerful bunch of servers called DNS Servers. These are the “telephone directories” of the internet. In essence it is used to find where on the internet the www.bbc.co.uk website can be found.

Websites are also used as a marketing tool for companies. In fact they are so powerful companies have been known to pay £000.0000’s to buy one from a competitor!

Depending on the domain ending (the bit after the first dot) domain names are controlled and regulated by a authority. In the UK for example, Nominet are responsible for .co.uk amongst others.

Domains can be registered via a domain name registrar, usually for less than £10. They are effectively leased for  period of time once the payment has been made. Your domain name is then connected or “Pointed” to your web server space, and your website becomes alive and visible for all to see.

Making sure you don’t allow your domain name to expire is very important, as the process to recover can be long and tedious. Plus, someone else may register your domain name making your brand and your domain name belong to a potential competitor !

If you need any help or advice regarding any aspect of your domain name, registering, configuring or otherwise please get in touch.


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